Automatic Quest Bestowal

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Automatic Quest Bestowal

Automatic quest bestowal was introduced with the Riders of Rohan expansion and was extended to include more of Middle-earth with Update 9.

Effectively this means that your character will encounter quests in the worlds, without interacting with any NPC; see the next section for details. Such quests will be auto-bestowed when entering certain locations, levelling up to certain levels, facing certain mobs, achieving certain goals, logging in during a festival or event, and more.

Automatic Quest Accept

Quest Available - (when auto-accept if OFF)

You will find a new option at the Options window → UI Settings that is related to the auto-bestowed quest system.

  • Always accept automatic quests — This setting is off by default.
ON   — A gold ring will appear in your "alerts window" which indicates that your character has automatically been bestowed a new quest.
OFF — A large button will pop up every time an auto-bestowed quest is available, normally just under your Quest Helper (see image to the right).
Note: Some quests, like Hired Ruffians?, will auto-bestow regardless of this option. However, this is very, VERY rare.

With the option off a usual quest bestowal window will be opened, and you must accept the quest in the same manner as before. Notice that you must accept such a quest before killing the related enemy or picking up certain items — this can require that you accept a quest to defeat an enemy while you are fighting that very same enemy, in order to get credit for killing that enemy! However, if you fail to accept within a certain time the game will consider that as if you cancel the quest. Normally, the quest will be bestowed again in a few minutes or after relogging your character.

However, with the option on you simply see the gold ring icon in the alerts window, without any further concern about killing or getting credits. Notice though, if your quest log is full, no quests can be auto-accepted; this is expected and is not different from interacting with an NPC.

Remote Quest Advance

Automatic Quest Advance

Another button named Quest Ready to Advance will pop-up when your character has completed some objectives of a quest. Clicking the button will open the usual quest-advance window, with the options to advance to the next objective, or to claim the rewards and finish the quest. This works exactly the same way as for quests that require visiting an NPC.

Tip: You can relocate any of these new buttons to any convenient location of your screen. The default key-stroke is "Ctrl+\" but this differs depending on the language layout of your keyboard.