Assailment Traits

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Obtained by spending Trait Points in the Warden Assailment Trait Tree.

Tree Traits Source Notes
Momentum (Trait)-icon.png Momentum Trait: 0+ ranks Temporary In the Fray - Stance Melee Damage bonus.
Marked Target (Trait)-icon.png Marked Target Trait: 0+ ranks Marked Target effect bonus.
Finesse (Trait)-icon.png Finesse Trait: 5+ ranks Finesse Rating bonus.
Ranged Damage (Trait)-icon.png Ranged Damage Trait: 5+ ranks Ranged Damage bonus.
Bulls-eye-icon.png Bulls-eye Trait: 10+ ranks Critical Rating and Damage bonus.
Shield's Up-icon.png Shield's Up Trait: 10+ ranks Temporary In the Fray - Stance Block bonus.
Diminished Target (Trait)-icon.png Diminished Target Trait: 10+ ranks, Marked Target (Trait)-icon.png Marked Target (1) Grants Diminished Target skill, effect bonus.
Piercing Javelins-icon.png Piercing Javelins Trait: 15+ ranks Armour Penetration bonus.
Barbed Javelins-icon.png Barbed Javelins Trait: 15+ ranks Javelin Gambits can trigger Bleeds.
Area Targeting-icon.png Area Targeting Trait: 15+ ranks, Diminished Target (Trait)-icon.png Diminished Target (1) Marked Target and Diminished Target applies AoE effect.
Shattered Javelins-icon.png Shattered Javelins Trait: 20+ ranks, Barbed Javelins-icon.png Barbed Javelins (1) Stacking Barbed Javelins Bleed will convert to AoE Damage.
Hurry Up with That!-icon.png Hurry Up with That! Trait: 20+ ranks Ranged Adroit Manoeuvre applies Fellowship Induction Duration bonus.
Battering Strikes-icon.png Battering Strikes Trait: 25+ ranks Precise Throw line Critical Defense Debuff bonus.
Suppression-icon.png Suppression Trait: 25+ ranks Ranged Offensive Strike Damage Debuff bonus.
Javelin of Deadly Force (Trait)-icon.png Javelin of Deadly Force Trait: 30+ ranks Grants Javelin of Deadly Force skill.