Arms of the Hawk-eye

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This is a Hunter weapon set acquired in the Ettenmoors.


To gain this set a Hunter must acquire Glory Ranks and barter Commendations with the Hunter trader Tongdir in Glân Vraig.

  • It can longer be acquired, but has not been removed from in-game.
Item to Receive Items to Trade
Equipment and Runics
Bow 1 (rare)-icon.png Bow of the Hawk-eye Commendation-icon.png 3,500 Commendations
One-handed Sword 16 (rare)-icon.png Sword of the Hawk-eye Commendation-icon.png 2,000 Commendations


'Arms of the Hawk-eye'
One-handed Sword 16 (rare)-icon.pngBow 1 (rare)-icon.png