Ardent Rage

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Ardent Rage-icon.png
 Ardent Rage
  • Champion
  • Increases the Fervour generated by Battle Frenzy.

    Max rank lowers the cooldown of Battle Frenzy and replaces its Fervour regeneration effect with a more powerful version.
    You need 10 ranks in other traits in the The Deadly Storm branch.
    Rank 1
    +1 Fervour from Battle Frenzy
    Rank 2
    +2 Fervour
    Rank 3
    +3 Fervour
    Rank 4
    Battle Frenzy now restores 1 fervour every second over 10 seconds.
    +3 Fervour
    -30 Battle Frenzy Cooldown

Trait Information