Anthems of the Rohirrim

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Anthems of the Rohirrim-icon.png
 Anthems of the Rohirrim
  • Your music culminates in a great Anthem that reveres the people of Rohan, the Rohirrim.

  • Alters Coda: Your next Coda causes your next Call of the Eorlingas to have no power cost.

  • Effects applied to the Fellowship within 40 meters:
  • Increases the Combat Morale regeneration of rider and steed by 2100
  • Duration: 30s

  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cost: ... Mount Power
  • Cooldown: 10s

General Information

Class: Minstrel

Level: 75

Training Price: 562 Silver 50 Copper 


This skill changes depending on the active discipline.

Discipline Skill
Discipline Red Dawn-icon.png Discipline: Red Dawn Anthem of the Red Dawn-icon.png Anthem of the Red Dawn
Discipline Rohirrim-icon.png Discipline: Rohirrim Anthems of the Rohirrim-icon.png Anthems of the Rohirrim
Discipline Riddermark-icon.png Discipline: Riddermark Anthem of the Riddermark-icon.png Anthem of the Riddermark