Anthem of the Third Age

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Anthem of the Third Age-icon.png
 Anthem of the Third Age
  • Buff
  • Anthem: Reduces the cost of further anthems by 20% while active.
  • Requires 3 ballad buffs present on the Minstrel.
  • Alters Coda: Coda will reapply Anthem of the Third Age (Melody) on a critical hit.
  • -20% Reduction in Anthem Costs.
  • Duration: 10s
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 15s

General Information

Class: Minstrel

Level required: 28


Legendary Item Legacies

  • The Main-hand legendary weapon legacy Anthem Duration will increase the duration of this anthem by 1 to 5 seconds.


Using this skill causes the Anthem of the Third Age-icon.png Anthem of the Third Age (Melody)  effect to occur on yourself.


The tooltip states that this anthem will make the Coda reapply Anthem of the Third Age (Melody). This has been tested and is *not* the case; when the Coda is used and both the healing and damage aspect are criticals no buff is refreshed and no new buff is applied.