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Also known as the Undying Lands, a continent in the far western sea of Belegaer on which the realm of Valinor, kingdom of the Valar, was established. Though once part of Arda (the Earth), Aman was removed from the circles of the world by Eru Ilúvatar in the Second Age when Ar-Pharazôn, king of Númenor, attempted to sail there with his armada. Henceforth, Aman existed outside the bounds of Arda and could only be reached by Elves whose magical ships could take the "Straight Road" out of Arda. The choice was given to Elves to leave Middle-earth and return to this paradise they had once known in ancient times. As the world darkened during the War of the Ring in the Third Age, many Elves took part in this migration, leaving Middle-earth forever.

The Undying Lands of Aman encompassed the realm of Valinor, the Pelóri mountains, the Enchanted Isles, the wastelands of Araman and Avanthar, and the Elf havens and cities of Eldamar, Tol Eressëa, Tiron, and Alqualondë.