Adelaide Bussey

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Adelaide Bussey
Image of Adelaide Bussey
Gender Female
Race Man
Region The North Downs
Area Kingsfell
Settlement William Peake's Farm
Map Ref [10.9S, 50.4W]


Annúndir is found at William Peake's Farm in The North Downs.


"I am sorry what happened to these men, but there is little room in town for them."

You are from Trestlebridge?
"Yes. and we've taken on more than our share of displaced people. These are hard times, and they'll just have to go somewhere else'"
There is no room for them?
"The Orcs have ensured that there's no room in Trestlebridge, or anywhere! We already have more folk than we can handle; the barns are full, every home has two or three refugees. We have done enough already! They'll have to go somewhere else."