A Shot in the Dark

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This page is about the Hunter Deed. For the quest in Isendale, see Quest:A Shot in the Dark

Deed Lore

The first four pages of this book can be found on enemies scattered across Angmar, Eregion, and Moria. The last four pages of this book can be found on enemies scattered across Forochel, Moria, and the Misty Mountains.

This journal was written by a hunter who seems to have spent much of his time alone somewhere on the western borders of Mirkwood across the Misty Mountains, where few Men live and goblins present a frequent threat. With no allies to rely upon and always outnumbered, he discovered the value of uncertainty and fear as a weapon to keep his pursuers off balance as he strove to survive in that rugged country. Having no-one to talk to, it seems that he chose to create a record of his life and experiences.

This journal is badly weathered and torn -- perhaps by the self-same goblins whom the hunter claims to have frequently out-witted -- and several key passages are missing. Another hunter of renown might be able to shed some light on this unusual book. Legolas of Mirkwood is said to be in Eriador on a mission of some import.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

  • A Shot in the Dark, page 5
    This page contains entries from some of the hunter's early days. His skills were lacking, and oft he found himself in dire straits only to escape by the merest of chances.
  • A Shot in the Dark, page 10
    This text shows how the hunter finally learned how to move nearly as silently as an Elf, but while he could use his abilities to hide from danger, he could not yet draw his bow without a small noise. That was often enough to warn his prey of his presence.
  • A Shot in the Dark, page 14
    This passage says little of interest. It is mostly a description of his attempts to stalk a lone boar he came upon in the forest.
  • A Shot in the Dark, page 16
    This page relates how the hunter's failed attempt to stalk a wild boar led him into trouble with a band of goblins. The only good that came of the encounter was a firm resolve to master his skills.
  • A Shot in the Dark, page 19
    This page tells of the hunter's self-training in the heart of Mirkwood, east of the Misty Mountains. When he at last deemed himself ready, he returned to the forests of Eriador to hunt the goblins who had driven him from his home.
  • A Shot in the Dark, page 22
    This page recounts the hunter's first encounter with the goblins after returning to Eriador. He came upon the trail of a goblin scouting-party and hunted them back to their encampment. The page ends there.
  • A Shot in the Dark, page 23
    This page tells how, using his newly-trained skills, the hunter slew an entire encampment of goblins without ever being found by them. His skill with a bow and his penchant for stalking the shadows earned him renown among Elven minstrels.
  • A Shot in the Dark, page 25
    The final entry of this journal appears to be instruction on how he trained himself to master the arts of fear and confusion. The entry is unfinished, but it may be of use to a skilled hunter.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  Class Trait Point-transparent-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point

Additional Information

Dialogue with Legolas

Meeting Legolas before the deed is completed gives the following dialogue:

'Well met, <name>. What have you here? A journal of some sort? The title is not familiar to me, but I may have heard of the man who wrote it. He was one who shunned the company of his own kind and chose to live far from paths well travelled. Still, he did have some contacts with my people, and it is through this that I know of him.
'He was a remarkable hunter, particularly for one of the race of Men. I would not wonder to learn that he had no small lineage of the Dúnedain within him. In those days, before the Battle of Five Armies, the goblins would frequently come down from the Misty Mountains to hunt in the western forests and cause no little harm to the Elves that lives there if they could. Rather that avoid these raiding parties, this hunter would stalk them through their entire course, choosing his moments to strike with care and cunning. It is said that he became so adept at striking without warning or mercy, that the mere whistle of his arrow came to cause panic amongst the goblins and Wargs that he hunted.
'Alas, the lives of men are short, so it seems unlikely that he still lives, given the weight of so many winters, but it is interesting to see that his journal of his survived. To an aspiring hunter his writings might be of great interest, if the remaining pieces of the journal could be found.'