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Image of Álarr
Role Escrow Broker
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Hall Homesteads
Map Ref [15.8S, 106.2W]


Álarr is the Escrow Broker in Thorin's Hall Homesteads. He is found just inside the entrance to the homesteads.

An Escrow Broker stores belongings from an abandoned house to be collected within a limited time of two weeks. After a house is abandoned or condemned any belongings left in that house go to a Housing Escrow where they stay for no more than 14 days before they disappear (this may also happen if there is a technical change to the house type). The escrow is accessible by speaking to an Escrow Broker or a Vault-keeper. Items bound to a character can only be accessed by its owner.