Update 18.2.1 - July 13, 2016

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Update 18.2.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 18.2.1, released on Wednesday, July 13th.

Of Special Note

Stable-masters Collection: The Stable-masters collection displays all Stable-masters you have discovered, and helps you find those you have yet to discover! Each Stable-master location provides travel options, available destinations, and a link to the game map. The Stable-master Collection makes getting around Lord of the Rings Online even easier!

Update: Known Issue: Stable-master Collection

None of the available actions in the Stable-master Collection are functioning, and some text is not appearing correctly. We are working on a hotfix to address this issue.

New Quests: New quests have become available in After-battle Minas Tirith. Lend your aid to the battle’s aftermath for Defenders of Minas Tirith Reputation (with an expanded reputation barter list). New content will become available every two weeks. Your hero must be level 100, have Kindred Reputation with the faction, and have completed Chapter 8 of Book 6. The post-battle version of Minas Tirith can be reached the Threshold of the City in the Pelennor Battlefield and from pre-battle Minas Tirith.

News and Notes


  • A Timely Rescue - The shadow-wolves now properly attack, and the instance is once again able to be completed.
  • A Trap for the Creature - Gollum now continues running.
  • The Wild Hunt - Gwenaewen's Spirit - The third lith now properly advances the quest.
  • The Word of a Healer - This instance now advances properly.


  • You must now have enough free backpack space for all items that can be redeemed from a single package before you can open the package.


  • Far Anórien - Wose carvings can now be exchanged for Gondorian marbles, and Gondorian marbles can now be exchanged for Wose carvings.


  • The Collections panel now opens to your last visited tab.

Known Issues

  • Byre Tor (Wildermore) is labeled as "Walstow" in the Stable-master Collection UI.
  • Discovering the travel NPC at Wulf's Cleft does not discover the location in the Stable-master Collection UI.
  • Dunland - Pren Gwydh - A tree blocking a bridge has made the quest Beasts for Steeds more difficult to complete. The tree can be jumped over with some maneuvering.
  • We are aware that none of the available actions in the Stable-master Collection are currently functioning, and some text is not appearing correctly. We are working on a hotfix.
  • Instance Closure: The Ruined City - We have had to close the instance Osgiliath: The Ruined City due to a bug preventing instance completion. We expect to correct this issue in an upcoming hotfix.