Trév Gállorg

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The Trév Gállorg is the last, great tribe of Hill-men in Angmar that hasn't been corrupted by the forces of Carn Dûm.

You must complete the Fém challenge to prove your purpose to these Hill-men.


Aughaire - The main settlement of the Trév Gállorg.

Tyrn Lhuig - A hunting camp in Western Malenhad.

Fail-á-Khro - An outpost north of Aughaire, captured by the Trév Gállorg.


Chieftain Crannog
A Clan Hunter of Aughaire

The Trév Gállorg is ruled by their chieftain and elder, Crannog.

Members in Aughaire

Many of the Trév Gállorg lives in Aughaire.

Members in Tyrn Lhuig

A group of hunters from Aughaire made camp in the Western Malenhad,

Members in Fail-á-Khro

Scouts from Aughaire monitor the Trév Duvárdain at this outpost.

Members in Donnvail

Donnvail is controlled by the enemy, but few members of the Trév Gállorg still lives there.

Vendors of Aughaire

Aughaire's merchants provide many things of use to travellers.

Vendors of Tyrn Lhuig

Two merchants are settled at this camp.


The conflict began when the Trév Duvárdain dishonoured the ritual of Clúcath by slaying Trév Gállorg's champion. Later on, the conflict became a war when the Trév Duvárdain joined the forces of Carn Dûm.

The Trév Gállorg refused to join Carn Dûm, now they're surrounded by Yrch and unfriendly hill-men.


  • Any Southrons who provides help

The Trev Gállorg needs help from all friendly heroes, although they need to perform the Fém challenge.