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Image of Winsig
Title Thane of Walstow
Gender Female
Race Race of Man
Region East Rohan
Area Sutcrofts
Settlement Walstow
Interior Mead Hall of Walstow

Quest Involvement


  • Tell me of yourself, Winsig
    'I am Thane Winsig of Walstow. Though I be only sixteen years of age, I will allow not any to think me weak or unfit for such a title. My line is one of a proud history, though I alone survive now… My father fell in the same battle that claimed Reeve Dagred. My love, Déorwine, has gone to serve at Edoras, and I have long awaited the day when we are again united. I intend to hold Walstow to my very last, and though some of my men do not stand with me in this view, I will not falter in this charge.'
    Thank you.
  • What is the state of Walstow?
    'Walstow was once a beautiful settlement, but we have fallen on rough times as of late. The Orcs constantly spill forth from the East Wall, and we must defend ourselves from their assaults daily. My people have begun to lose hope, and the town itself has started to fall into disrepair. I will not be moved by the violence of our foes, but I know not how long Walstow wills tand without aid.'
    Ah. I see.
  • Have you sought aid from the Reeve?
    'Fastred can be… hard to reach. While our fathers fell in the same battle, that is the sole common ground between us. I think the Reeve too brash for his own good… he is sooner to get himself killed than to address the needs of this people. Nonetheless, the Orcs are to blame for our predicament. To the west and south, they have essentially blocked all contact between Walstow and Snowbourn, and until these Orcs are brought to heel, our situation can only worsen.'
    Ah. Unfortunate.