Whispers Under the Mountain

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A truly flawless display of fellowship coordination, all fear and wounds are removed as your target is heavily disabled.


  • Green players receive immediate heals, all members of the fellowship will also receive a heal over time with 5 second tick and 45 second duration (healing 93 morale per tick tor a total of 837 at level 15).
  • Blue player recovers power based on his individual maneuver, every member of the fellowship will also recover additional power.
  • Red player will do direct damage, with a bonus to her maneuver's base strength.
  • The target will take bleeding (DoT) damage. with 3 second tick and 45 second duration (dealing 49 damage per tick for a total of 735 at level 15)
  • Blue player summons a Noble Spirit for one minute. The sprit acts as a temporary pet, attacking its owners' targets.
  • All wound and fear effects are removed from all players.


Note: in closed beta, summoning a noble spirit would bug the herald control panel for a captain when the noble spirit disappears, and make it impossible to dismiss the herald. Until fixed, captains should therefore not take the blue slot in this conjunction.

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