Way of the Spear Traits

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Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Efficient Thrust-icon.png Efficient Thrust A skilled Warden can use quick, efficient manoeuveres to preserve vigour through arduous battles.
-40% Power cost to all Spear and Javelin Gambit Builders; this extends to masteries
1 Strike with Quick Thrust 200 times (50/day)
Find Weakness-icon.png Find Weakness Seasoned Wardens can readily spot openings where the less experienced cannot.
+[Level x 8] to Critical Strike Rating for The Boot, Power Attack, Mighty Blow, and Unerring Strike.
10 Achieve critical hits with Critical Strike 75 times
Veteran-icon.png Veteran Veteran Wardens have found ways to improve on some basic techniques.
Adds 10% to chance to apply bonuses when using Quick Thrust, Quick Toss and Quick Stab.
15 Complete the class quest A Spear at the Southern March
A Keen Response-icon.png A Keen Response A quick parry can be enough to change the flow of battle and renew the vigour of a Warden. Those who understand this can more readily turn away their foes' attacks.
+[Level x 4] Warden Gambits Parry Rating
Successful Parries or Partial Parries will restore 1% of Warden's Power
20 Strike with Precise Blow 350 times (50/day)
Skill and Power-icon.png Skill and Power Stealth, spear, and javelin can be a rather deadly trio.
Spear Gambits will reduce the cooldown of Shield-piercer by 3 seconds
While using Careful Step, you will have a 100% chance to score a critical strike with Ambush
20 Strike with Deft Strike 200 times (50/day)
Force of Personality-icon.png Force of Personality Wardens tend to leave a lasting impact on their enemies.
+2 Warden Gambit Damage Over Times Pulses
40 Strike with Surety of Death, Resolution or Spear of Virtue 500 times (50/day)
Deadly Thrust-icon.png Deadly Thrust Whether by advancing technique or brute force, Wardens excel at delivering critical strikes.
+[Level x 8] Spear Gambit Critical Rating
50 Strike with The Dark Before Dawn 250 times (25/day)
Master of the Spear-icon.png Master of the Spear Even when using advanced techniques, a skilled Warden never forgets the basics.
All Spear Mastery skills now provide the benefits of their base Gambit Builders.
40 Strike with Mighty Blow, Wall of Steel or Boar's Rush 500 times (50/day)