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This page is about the lesser watching-stones. For the stronger stones, see Ancient Watching-stone


Lesser Watching Stone.jpg

Watching-stones, also known simply as Watchers, are statues inhabited by Fell-spirits summoned from the Void by the Dark Lord. They thus have a sinister intelligence of their own and are posted as guardians near fortresses and towers. Although inanimate, Watching-stones give off an aura of dread that affects all nearby, draining their hope and life force. To stand near them too long can prove fatal.

The most famous Watching-stones are the Two Watchers posted outside the tower of Cirith Ungol in Mordor. However, Watching-stones are used at many of the Enemy's strongholds, including those in Angmar and Mirkwood. A line of Watching-stones forms a border between western and eastern Angmar in the area known as Rammas Deluon. Adventurers must complete a quest to master the Watching-stones before they can pass into East Angmar.

What creature the Watching-stones represent is unknown. They may be simply abstract monsters meant to inspire terror or an image of some ancient demon known only in legend.


The Two Watchers are the only possessed statues that play a part in The Lord of the Rings but presumably, the Dark Lord had other such spirits under his command.