War-steed: Light

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Light War-steed-icon.png
 War-steed: Light
  • Induction: 3s
  • The Courser is a lightly armoured War-steed. Fast and agile, The Courser provides the greatest speed and maneuverability on the battlefield, trading Endurance and Armour to retain their nimbleness.
  • 5.5 mps base Max Speed
    +450 non-Combat War-steed Power Regen
    +240 in-Combat War-steed Power Regen
    +450 non-Combat War-steed Endurance Regen
    +12 War-steed Acceleration Rate
    +100 War-steed Armour
  • Toggle Skill


This skill is granted when the player selects the Light traitline for their War-steed.

If a player's war-steed is traited as a Light steed the very first time they mount it, the default name for the Light steed will be applied. This name will persist until such time as the user changes it.

The default name for Men and Elves is Rorik.
The default name for Hobbits and Dwarves is Eliska.