Virtues from Slayer Deeds

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The purpose of this page is to quickly be able to find which explorer deeds to do in order to level up a certain virtue.

The actual deed names have been omitted to make things more comprehensible and focus on the virtue at hand. The table was created by manually going through other pages of this wiki and extract the information by hand.

Zone Slayer Slayer 2 Slayer 3 Slayer 4 Slayer 5 Slayer 6 Slayer 7 Slayer 8 Slayer 9
Angmar justice zeal discipline honour determination mercy valour
Bree-land determination fortitude justice zeal mercy valour discipline honour mercy
Dunland loyalty wisdom fidelity charity empathy idealism patience honesty confidence
Enedwaith mercy discipline justice confidence zeal
Ered Luin justice zeal discipline determination justice discipline valour
Eregion loyalty honour justice determination discipline determination
Evendim fortitude fortitude honour justice wisdom zeal
Evendim (cont) innocence mercy determination tolerance discipline
Eastern Rohan charity confidence mercy wisdom fortitude
E. Rohan (cont) empathy honesty idealism patience discipline mercy
Forochel confidence fidelity idealism mercy fortitude zeal
The Great River tolerance wisdom valour loyalty honesty fidelity patience
The Lone-lands discipline honesty valour valour honour honesty fortitude mercy
Lothlorien mercy innocence
Misty Mountains fortitude zeal determination valour justice honour
Mirkwood determination fidelity compassion justice tolerance empathy tolerance
Moria tolerance zeal compassion justice discipline innocence +2
Moria (cont) mercy + 2 determination valour confidence fortitude + 2 valour + 2
North Downs zeal justice mercy fortitude determination honour
Shire justice valour fortitude determination honour discipline
Trollshaws determination fortitude zeal mercy discipline valour
Western Rohan zeal discipline fortitude valour justice determination
W. Rohan (cont) tolerance mercy compassion charity patience

Ranks by slaying

Virtue Points
Tolerance 6
Fidelity 4
Confidence 4
Patience 4
Wisdom 4
Zeal 11
Charity 3
Innocence 4
Honour 8
Idealism 3
Honesty 4
Justice 13
Fortitude 13
Valour 13
Discipline 12
Determination 13
Mercy 15
Loyalty 3
Empathy 3
Compassion 3

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