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Item: Hogni's Spiked Helmet

I note that you have created the page Item:Hogni's Spiked Helmet with the text:

Hogni's Spiked Helmet is an item droped by Hogni Cleave-shank, a lvl 45 dwarf, that may be found patrolling about the southern gate of Gabilazan in the Misty Mountains. [28.0S, 0.8E]

1- Note that I changed the "Wikification" to use direct references to pages on this wiki, rather than using HTTP references. I also inserted the "ToolTip Coord" parameter which generates the pop-up map with a "swirlie" where the coordinates are located. 2- The Item itself, should have been created using the tool "Create Article - New Item" -- found in the left margin of every page or on the Help page. Using that tool assures that the Item contains the necessary information and creates a pop-up tool-tip when referenced in other articles.

Now when you mouse-over Item: Hogni's Spiked Helmet on this page, on the Class Quest Drops or Hogni Cleave-shank pages, it will generate a Tool-tip pop-up.

  • All you need to do now is to mouse over the item in your inventory and fill in the blanks to complete the Item page!
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 23:59, 4 October 2014 (UTC)