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Real life has caught up on me and I will discontinue my wiki-editing as well as playing Lotro.

Fixing location pages is an awesome task, but that is also demanding because it literally involves connecting all of the dots relating to each location/area/region and in turn checking up and connecting the dots of the dots as well (deeds, NPCs, quests, services, ...). That requires time and devotion. I lost devotion but also lack the time.


Updated 2014-June-7


IRL I am living in Sweden, married, two mature sons, and enjoying food&beverage, travelling, books, and MMORPGs. I work as a software developer at a large chip manufacturer, working with a simulation platform.

Gaming-wise I stick with a game for quite some time, level slow but often several toons on parallel. Before Lotro I played SWG for several years where I was a renowned crafter within the community, and lead developer of SWGAide (still at SourceForge). I have always enjoyed spending as much time helping others outside of game (at fan-sites like this, and forums) as engaging in combat as well as non-combat in game. I miss the crafting we had in SWG though, Lotro is ages behind in that respect.

Though I prefer RP servers I am not a core RP but adapt to the situation; hard-core RP-ers would probably try to correct me. Lotro has the advantage that I am brought up with the lore, reading the trilogy and other works already as teenager, a long time before the movies (ignoring the one from 1978). Another preference of mine is the graphics of the game, I often decide whether to continue playing or not from the looks of it --- superficial? Sure ;) But that is me! And I like Lotro in that respect.


Server: Laurelin
Kinship: Sanctuary, (some chars in Doomcraft)

Name Gender Race Class Level Vocation Main Profession
Zimonod Male Man Hunter 54 Woodsman Woodworker
Zinriel Female Elf Rune-keeper 42 Tinker Jeweller
Zimorin Male Dwarf Guardian 33 Armourer Metalsmith
Zimoden Male Man Burglar 32 Historian Scholar
Zinwise Female Elf Lore-master 30 Armsman Weaponsmith
Zinella Female Hobbit Minstrel 29 Armourer Tailor
Zimco Male Hobbit Hunter 27 Tinker Cook

... and 'yes' ... my names follow a pattern :P

At this Wiki...

One of the first thing I run into at this wiki was the wake after some game updates and location pages that could be updated. One thing lead to another and now I am scanning and updating whatever in one region after the other, beginning with the Starter Areas. Since quests, NPCs, deeds, and more are always bound to locations they are often polished in some way.

This was a bit of me, welcome to my talk-page :)

--- Zimoon (talk) 18:13, 7 February 2012 (EST)