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The House of WOOK
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Forester
Class: Lore-master
Race: Man
Region: Gondor
Age: 47
Height: 6'2"
Sex: Male
Skin: Tan
Hair: Gray
Eye: Brown


Physical Description: A tall man of Statuesque proportions. The look of his face commands respect. The might of his stature is rivaled only by the honor of his personailty.

Personality Description: A kind hearted man filled with honor and integrity. He speaks to anture as if it was another person standing infront of him. Filled with knowledge and much Lore of the world, if there is a problem you have, then it is Zaladan you should seek.


A tall man or great power. True son of Gondor, a man of his people, for his people. These are the essential components that comprise the idealship of Zaladan. Having learned much from his Mentor Radagast The Brown, and the other members of the Istari, Zaladan uses the power of nature to his advantage. Calling upon the creatures and inhabitants of Middle-Earth, Zaladan uses this knowledge to thwart the efforts of evil.

Friends and Enemies

All whom have not brougth evil to Middle-Earth are friends fo Zaladan. Those who seek to corrupt this world will find no warmth in Zaladan's heart.



  • Allies of Mordor


  • I can kill with a word.