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Shana Fey
Sacred Knights
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Woodworker
Class: Burglar
Race: Man
Region: Gondor
Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Sex: Female
Skin: Tan
Hair: Brown Ponytail
Eye: Grey


Physical Description:

Personality Description:


I am Shana, Daughter of Angbor the Lord of Lamedon, whose Grandsires were the Dunedain of Westernesse. I lived in Calembel, in my father's house. I was the jewel of my father's heart and the pride of my house. I excelled at all I Put my hands to. in secret, my father even taught me swordsmanship.

One fateful day, at the tender age of 17, my heart found its final resting place and fell into the hands of Euthurin, a strong man who served my father. As a lad, he came out of the north with his father. We grew up as childhood friends. I never realized my feelings for him, until he joined the ranger's of Ithilien. He was gone for so long, and my world wasn't the same without Euthy there to tease me and support me. Luckily, for me anyway, his service in Ithilien had made him discover his own feelings for me. When he returned, he confessed his unyielding love to me. I bound myself to him and he to me. This however made my father furious, he had high hopes that a distinguished daughter like me, might someday wed, one of Denethor's sons or another noble of high position. He bid Euthurin to leave the service of his house. Dutifully Euthurin left my father's house. My heart was broken for many months. Finally, I ran away to linhir. There I searched for Euthurin. I was taken captive in a corsair raid not many days later. A lifetime later, I escaped my captors, scared and changed. In my dreams the northwind has come to me bearing hope. In despair, I followed my dreams and set out for the north to find my heart.

Friends and Enemies


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Level 50 with no deaths


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