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Nuria Voracious, Carnivore
Sacred Knights
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Historian
Class: Lore-master
Race: Man
Region: Dale
Age: 21
Height: 5'9
Sex: female
Skin: mild-tan
Hair: blond
Eye: blue


Physical Description:

Personality Description:


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I was born the town of dale, all my life I have been fascinated by the lore of bygone ages. I have traveled the breadth of middle earth learning the lore of the people and helping to heal their woes and improve their lives. I fight evil whever it may lie. Recently, I have been travelling throughout the land of Eriador with Euthurin, a warrior of great prowlness, who has been a great boon to me and to the people of eriador. There are many dark places I would of never lived through without Euthurin's aid.

Currently, I have been researching the dunedain kingdom of Arnor and the reasons for its downfall. The lore of cardolan is fascinating and Euthurin has taught me much, since he his a descendent of cardolan. It is Arthedain, the I'm am enchanted by.

Friends and Enemies


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