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Rhanti Forgemaster
Rhanti and his best friend, Poutine
The Alliance
World: Landroval
Vocation: Metalsmith
Class: Guardian
Race: Dwarf
Region: The Lonely Mountain
Age: 167
Height: 4' 6"
Sex: Male
Skin: Fair
Hair: Red
Eye: Green


Physical Description: Stout dwarf, sharp shoulders, can be seen wearing garments of royal stature, shields and armors of wars and battles, or simple clothing for more humble occasions.

Personality Description: Quick to laugh, quick to anger, sometimes proud, sometimes humble; always ready to give advice, and even though he listens to what the others are saying, he makes his own mind about anything and usually stick with it.


Even though he was officially born near the Blue Mountains, Rhanti keeps his ancestors heritage, stories, and doom of the Lonely Mountain near his heart. When the dwarves of Ered Luin began to whisper about something waking up in the east, the old days of glory and of his home were kindled in this dwarf's heart. He then set forth east, without much of an hurry, helping those around him in seek of friends, treasures, and his home.

Elves are queer to him, as are dwarves fighting with bows instead of a good ol' axe; fighting is always a good way to prove oneself, but even though he finds those elves and dwarves coward not fight toe-to-toe with the enemy, that doesn't mind they cannot be friends.....for a while.

On his journey, he went through elf, dwarf, and man kingdoms (and hobbit villages), but his most glorious find was in what will become Gimli' kingdom, the Glittering Caves of Rohan. In there, he met a friend he didn't expect, a large mousie trapped in a spider cocoon. Poutine he called her, and that friend never left his side again.

Previously known as Heftymouse (due to his peculiar friendship with the huge mousie Poutine), the name Forgmaster was given to him by his brethren, due to his continuous crafting effort for the Free People, bringing a good name and glory to Durin's Folk, and praising Aulë in the same way.

Poutine Bio:

"So you wanna hear where I found Poutine? Let me then tell you...

I was in the Glittering Caves of Rohan, fighting Orcs (what else?) in the usual axe-to-head way. They were coming from every way, trying to overwhelm us, but none of their filthy armor could resist a mighty dwarf axe! We fought on and on even if they had us outnumbered, but we finally took the upper-hand... but then, just when I thought trolls could be the worst that could happen, spiders began appearing and crawling toward us! I don't know if they were sleeping in some dark part of the caves, or if it was another plan of the evil unknown, but nevertheless I found myself there, fighting some of them eight-legged horrors, to finally stumble upon a gigantic one-of-a-kind, greenish, corrupted arachnid, bigger than a house me'd say!

The fight was arduous, and I say without shame that I got injured, but the beast finally felt numb on the ground. When the deed was done, still getting my spirits back, an agitated cocoon was stirring in the corner of my eye. I was afraid at first it was some of them spiderlings, but the sound it made didn't seem to be like those hellish critters... I inspected the white prisons to actually find trapped men! I then spent forth some time to liberate those dinner-to-be from their ill-fate, and amidst those cocoons was a bigger one, in which I found that Mouse, still energetic but eager to be saved!

Too energetic in fact... I had to wait a bit to open her cocoon, else I would have been injured, as afraid as she was! I don't know if it was the voice, the smell or even the touch, but when I finally opened her trap, she came jumping into my arms (or rather, my whole body!).

Since then I've been taking care of her, and she's been a lovely friend. She got healthy in no time, she didn't need that much special care. She let me saddle her once when I was badly injured, but she's more a friend than a mount (and she decides who gets to saddle on!).

She never leaves my side, except when things get too dangerous, although I hate leaving her behind. She sometimes play Oliphaunt with me, chasing me around, but don't let her size fool you: she only bites flowers, and she's probably more afraid of you than the opposite!"

Although not confirmed, Poutine might have got her giant size from the mushrooms at the Maggot's farm (farmer faire event).

Journeys and Tasks

  • Fought Saruman the many-coloured on top of his tower;
  • Helped the chickens to cross the road many times, as well as escorting them to the kingdoms of men and even to Mordor;
  • Was an integral part of the success of Helm's Deep, Pelargir and Minas Tirith Battles, being awarded platinum medals for every feat that happened;
  • Survived the Howling Pits horrors, alongside Mattrox the minstrel and Tendrille Silverbow the hunter;

Friends and Enemies


  • Poutine, The Alliance kinship, and pretty much anyone.
  • The Maiar (+Moose) and their heralds (Sprigga, as example);


  • Orcs, goblins, or anyone looking for trouble or insulting his best friend, Poutine.
  • Saruman is his main nemesis, for the battle of Helm's Deep and the glorious fights in the Glittering Caves.