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Template documentation project


  • Develop consistent formats for /doc pages
  • Probably one for short/simple templates and another for big honkin' ones
  • Ensure every parameter is specified on the /docs

Tentative doc page layout:

== Usage ==
Describe the purpose and function of the template, when to use it, when a different template might be indicated, and any considerations/gotchas to be aware of.

(preformatted template syntax box here - one liner for short templates/positional parameters, big box for the larger ones)
<pre>{{Template | <positional parameter> | [positional parameter=]<with optional keyword> | keyword=parameter }}<\pre>

=== Parameters ===
Definition-list itemization of all parameters, identifying each as optional or required and describing the range and effects each has.

== Examples ==
Minimal working example code for most-common uses for the template, followed by output if applicable.

|[[Template Categorization]]}}
  • Note template's category on the doc page
  • To consider: A blank copy is nice to have, especially for the larger "main" templates.

Progress tracking

First pass: Update tables to capture all templates currently.

Second pass: Fill in all the /doc pages based on current template functionality,

  • parameterize categories instead of includeonlies
  • add "nocat=y" functionality

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Monster Play Templates

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