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This is an attempt to document: The Structure of a Region by Category.

Using Update 6, The Great River, as the guideline, one assumes that Riders of Rohan will follow pretty much the same design.

One presumes that there will be one new Region called Rohan, but it might be broken into multiple Regions for release purposes. Only time will tell. (I notice that we already have a region -- Gondor (An artifact of the Epic Quest line's Session Play).

This characterization also reflects the efforts to clean-up/restructure long existent areas.

It also reflects the documentation effort outlined at User:Magill/ToDo, especially with regards to the Categorization merge effort begun last summer.

The Structure of a Region by Category

When creating a new region the following layout exists:

Category:The Great River

Categorization Rules, Comments and Explanations

In general, everything is tracked by Region or Area, except Images!


  • All Areas are tracked by Region


  • All Creatures are tracked by Region


  • All Slayer deeds are tracked by Region
  • All Lore deeds are tracked by Region
  • All Reputation deeds are tracked by Faction in the Region
  • There are seven areas in The Great River Region each has its own Explorer and Quest deed as well as a Meta deed for the Region. See:
NOTE: This Category maps upward to Category:Regional Deeds as well as Category:The Great River


  • All Factions are tracked by Region
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Landmarks, Locations, Settlements, Interiors

  • All Landmarks (aka Locations) aka Point of Interest or POI are tracked by Region
  • All Interiors are tracked by Region
  • All Settlements are tracked by Region
  • All Location Images are filed by Region


  • All NPCs are tracked by Area


  • Quests are tracked by Area --- [and possibly by settlement within area? -explanation of when this is true is needed if this is true]


The above structure applies to everything EXCEPT images!! Image Categories are a bit more chaotic.


  • All NPC Images are tracked by Area or Settlement


  • All Location Images are tracked by Region


  • All Creature images are tracked by TYPE