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[QUOTE=Sapience;6762777]The following individuals have been selected to participate in the LOTRO Player Council program. They represent many play styles, countries, and walks of life. We look forward to hearing their feedback and suggestions.

While we are sharing their names, please remember that council members cannot discuss their actions or activity as a member of the council.

  1. Anduin [DE]
    • Eldarius Germany
  2. Arkenstone
    • Nyn USA
    • Denuvil Canada
    • Dobraine USA
  3. Belegaer [DE-RP]
    • Dodaric Germany
    • Vathyri Germany
  4. Brandywine
    • Gaelwing USA
    • Anabellwen USA
    • Crazymufindir USA
    • Darlond USA
    • Elebuil Canada
    • Ironbock USA
  5. Crickhollow
    • Emyr USA
    • Cainwen Ciaphas USA
    • Galahriel Portugal
  6. Dwarrowdelf
    • Mithall USA
    • Threndinir USA
  7. Eldar [EN]
    • Saelberaen Sweden
    • Rampagingdeath United Kingdom
  8. Elendilmir
    • Yicky USA
    • Maxal Wayfairer USA
  9. Estel [FR=RP]
    • Cronoum France
  10. Evernight [EN]
    • Gwairin Denmark
    • Tatharon United Kingdom
  11. Firefoot
    • Shezgotnyctips USA
  12. Gilrain [EN]
    • Sauve France
    • Xenonn Sweden
  13. Gladden
    • Ilinsor USA
    • Amythyst USA
    • Valamar USA
  14. Gwaihir [DE]
    • Alcaniel Germany
  15. Imladris
    • Lindethiel Tindomerel USA
    • Ellonur Germany
  16. Landroval [RE]
    • Frebrand USA
    • Floradine Germany
    • WarriorErick USA
    • Elenrandir USA
    • Kiralynn USA
    • Harperella USA
    • Stavro USA
  17. Laurelin [EN-RP]
    • Belegwe United Kingdom
    • Hakiryu The Netherlands
  18. Maiar [DE]
    • Ulf Uther Germany
  19. Meneldor
    • Kickman USA
    • Eleyan USA
    • Raihaell Brazil
    • Morgriane Canada
  20. Morthond [DE]
    • Belech Germany
  21. Nimrodel
    • Eluriod Australia
    • Sabriel USA
  22. Riddermark
    • Devrodon USA
    • Glaam USA
  23. Silverlode
    • Helados USA
    • Blackhawk USA
  24. Sirannon [FR]
    • Aalix France/Spain
    • Faenordil France
  25. Snowbourn [EN]
    • Runesi United Kingdom
    • Ambhorn Witchfinder United Kingdom
    • Vorontur United Kingdom
  26. Vanyar [DE]
    • Brokkoli Germany
  27. Vilya
    • ArcticAurora Canada
    • Wink USA
    • Gwenfareer USA
    • Doppelganger USA
  28. Windfola
    • Cithryth New Zealand
    • Angelstar USA
    • Luinmiriel-Magellin USA
    • Wyllough USA
  29. Withywindle [EN]
    • Toffeecake United Kingdom

Jeneth 5/19 09:24PM

Hi. Grats on your appointment to the player council. I am the leader of Ilsik Haucil and would like to provide some feedback about the recent updates and what my kinship would like to see going forward. My kinship is fairly active (15-20 on each nite). We enjoy the game for its social aspects and like to group up when we can. the move by turbine to more solo content is very concerning to us. hytbold was a nice diversion but should never have been considered end-game content. the newest instance cluster was ok but compared to past instances was very substandard (esp the 6man). the 3 mans were fine except that they required the golden triad to complete challenge. (support classes were pretty much left out). going forward we would like to see lotro move away from the solo daily grind that we've gotten with rohan and now wildermore and move back to more group content, 6 mans in particular (think moria instances) and a more traditional raid (think orthanc and od). thank you for your attention. regards jeneth


Thanks for your comments.

I'll hang on to them and pass them along as appropriate.

Your sentiments are not unique... many others are critical of the amount of "solo" play as compared to "group" -- as a Founder/Lifetimer myself, I have seen the overall emphisis move from the "fellowship required" structure of the early days, to the "Fellowship optional" today.

Interestingly, your note is time stamped at 09:24PM -- and it is now 22:21 or 0821PM as I write this.