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Choosing a server

As I have mentioned on other threads (this question comes up at least once a week) -- Middle Earth is a BIG place. The "starter areas," nominally levels 1-20 take about 2-3 hours of game time to complete. And those areas are quite contiguious and "compressed."

The "intermediate areas," nominally levels 21-40 take anoither 5-10 hours of game play. Those areas are quite spread out across the Map of Eregion. I.e. areas of "level appropriate" quests.

Once you hit level 40 you get to go through the "funnel" of Moria, at level 50. EVERYBODY has to go through the Mines of Moria, like the Chicken crossing the road -- "to get to the other side." :)

From there it is a pretty "straight line" to Rohan and the current level cap of 95. -- but Rohan is HUGE. Beginning "south" of Lothlorien, you start at level 75 and the area from there to Helm's Deep is significantly larger than the Starter and Intermediate areas COMBINED!

The result of this is the simple fact that "players spread out." Not simply by time zone and server, but by simple geography.

Alll of that said, Kinships are KEY to finding peole to play with, and having an enjoyable time playing.

Creating a new character

Changes from default settings

  •  ;Options/Chat/ :- select Stop repeated keys in chat
  •  ;Options/UI Settings :- Tooltips - select "Enable static placed tooltips"
Panels - Show Connection Status
Misc - ALways loot all
Misc - Always accept automatic Quests