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Guild Notes

Use of "" info

If you are registered with the Turbine Devs, you can get access to "" which allows you to grab the actual info for characters... in more-or-less real-time... same update cycle as ""

Docs: (ignore the broken "Documentation" link on the page: )

"Recent" forum notes it appears the interface was just updated with Update 3: Rise of the Gaunt-lords

Looks like Duwis is "the man in charge" now.

it is not a big deal to use... simply a HTML/SOAP interface.

The basic call format:

          Format: /{DEVELOPER_NAME}/{API_KEY}/charactersheet/w/{WORLDNAME}/c/{CHARACTERNAME}/

is still correct, returning a page full of XML data which you need to parse.


<"> call val</a>

To get a full list of the guild membership:

<> call otg</a>
<> call otg</a>