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<"> call val</a>
<"> call valalin</a>
<"> call valamar</a>
<"> call valdicta</a>
<"> call valhad</a>
<"> call valhunt</a> 
<"> call valhohun</a> 
<"> call valkeeper</a>
<"> call valwood</a>
<"> call valtar</a>
<"> call vallie</a>
<"> call valend</a>
<"> call ninth</a>
<> Display Valend character sheet</a> F2P
<> Display Valhunt Character sheet</a>irmagill
<> Display Ninth Character sheet</a>irmagill
<> Display Valtar Character sheet</a> Gilrain
<> Display Val Character sheet</a>
<> Display Valalin Character sheet</a>
<> Display Valamar Character sheet</a>
<> Display Valdicta Character sheet</a>
<> Display Valhad Character sheet</a>
<> Display Valhohun Character sheet</a>
<> Display Valkeeper Character sheet</a>
<> Display Valwood Character sheet</a>
<> Display Vallie Character sheet</a> Landroval

          <div class="widget-control ui-widget-content ui-state-highlight">
        <form method="get" action="ajaxwidget.html" id="widget_131_form">
  <select name="cid_131" id="cid_131">
          <option value="153403862308838187">Valtar (Gilrain)</option>
          <option value="144959613006028347">Val (Gladden)</option>
          <option value="144959613006040285">Valalin (Gladden)</option>
          <option value="144959613006002573">Valamar (Gladden)</option>
          <option value="144959613006767808">Valdicta (Gladden)</option>
          <option value="144959613006002682">Valhad (Gladden)</option>
          <option value="144959613007836733">Valhohun (Gladden)</option>
          <option value="144959613006986993">Valkeeper (Gladden)</option>
          <option value="144959613007619282">Valwood (Gladden)</option>
          <option value="146929937843857953">Vallie (Landroval)</option>
  <input type="submit" value="Update" onclick="return updateWidget( 131 );" />

Lorebook list

A listing of all level 85 Armour in the Lorebook

Level 85 Jewelry