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Meaning Behind the Parameters

Note: Regarding "blank or 'Yes'" for many parameters -- blank will not enable the feature of that parameter, but "Yes" or any other text will enable it, as will a single character, digit, or anything other than a space. Hence, blank means "off" (which is default), while any text means "on".

| mode={{{mode|}}}
Leave as is - See Template: Tooltip for mode details
| arg={{{arg|}}}
Leave as is - used to pass parameters from one template to a sub-template.
| amount={{{amount|}}}
Leave as is
| nocat =
Blank or Yes. If yes, then do NOT perform automatic categorization for this article.


| name =
The name, as it appears in game. Exact page name is required here to avoid issues with names containing diacritics and apostrophes (do not use {{PAGENAME}}).
{{subst:PAGENAME}} usually works correctly, but if the item name does not equal the page name, replace the code with the item name spelled exactly as in-game. Example: the page is named "Chainsaw (Level 33)" but the item is simply named "Chainsaw" in-game (and assumingly other Chainsaw pages for other levels exist on the wiki).
| disambigpage =
The exact and complete name (Namespace and full page title) of Lotro-Wiki page for this article. Please retain {{subst:FULLPAGENAME}} in the disambigpage field. Otherwise you must use ' instead of any apostrophe ( ' ).
| icon =
icon to display; omit Image: and file extension (.png); passed to {{icon}}. Preferably this is a generic icon, see Category:Icons for further details. Should an icon not exist, use the exact page name to avoid issues with names containing diacritics and apostrophes (do not use {{PAGENAME}}). Example: "Cloak 1 (incomparable)-icon"