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Leaves of Laurelin
World: Landroval
Vocation: Tinker - Grandmaster
Class: Minstrel
Race: Elf
Region: I reside near the hobbits peaceful Shire
Age: 10,000+
Height: 6'10"
Sex: Male
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dark
Eye: Grey

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Makalaurë is very tall and thin, he does not impress with his physical strength. Yet once he opens his mouth to sing his fortitude shows in a powerful voice that will break your heart like an axe will break bones. His grey eyes shine with the light of undimmed ancient stars for he has seen much in his lifetime of 12 millennia. Makalaurë is a hard worker, prospecting ore in the most dangerous of places as well as spending long hours at the forge. You would think his hands would be calloused by his profession. Instead they have nary a mark and are those of a musician, long-fingered and graceful.

PERSONALITY: The kindness and patience of Makalaurë is renown to those who know him. Some would take this as a weakness. Strangers have been impressed by his generous nature for he is apt to give away items to those who appear less strong if he is able to help. There is a great sadness behind his outgoing nature, maybe even a fear of not being accepted. He tries hard to please but he is no pushover and can be frightening in his honesty when it is called for.