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Style Examples

brief overview with examples of the styling of some items on the wiki...



= H1 tag =
== H2 tag ==
=== H3 tag ===
==== H4 tag ====
===== H5 tag =====
====== H6 tag ======


The largest heading H1, is slightly smaller than the page title, Ketrez/Style Examples, H2, H3 and H4 get smaller but H5 and H6 are the same size as H4.
Using anymore "=" after the 6th will only add the "=" into the heading name, H6 is the last, and least important heading.
For Table of Contents on this page from H1 to H3 are listed, for a page with no H1 tags the ToC will show H2 to H4. The ToC will show up to 2 different heading types nestled under a larger heading.



Description Example Result
Italics ''This sentence is in Italics.'' This sentence is in Italics.
Bold '''This sentence is in Bold.''' This sentence is in Bold.
Bold Italics '''''This sentence is both Bold and in Italics.''''' This sentence is both Bold and in Italics.
Internal Links 2 brackets: [[User:Ketrez]] User:Ketrez
External Links 1 bracket: [] [1]


Text to add to bottom of pages, neat idea.

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