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Burning Crusades
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Tinker
Class: Rune-keeper
Race: Dwarf
Region: Blue Mountains
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Skin: White
Hair: White
Eye: Blue


Physical Description: The lol machine he is a whacky dwarf that heals and feels lol. Muscly and strong this rk will shove his rune stones where that can't go any further in a battle

Personality Description: Funny and a cool bean

== Bio == He is my main in the Burning Crusades he is the alt of Brucesjuices. Grew up in the snow and the cold he was born to fight with frost but with his energetic lightning manoeuvres he is a fierce competitor. 'Father of the Darkness and doom' he is a good friend of Pogface he has a massive family with his brothers Brucesjuices, cokeacolafactory and slashing pog.. They all get along well

Friends and Enemies


  • Pogface and Pogface's alts


  • N/A


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