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Item Scan Notes

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Legendary Weapons

The following is a list of a series of named, mostly statless, epic- and incomparable-grade weapons in the LOTRO client. Viewable via the LOTRO Compendium and Item Scanner plugins.

Item ID Name Type Description
1879074822 Delunaith Spear "Deadly Spearpoint, legendary weapon of shadows, originally crafted in Angmar."
1879074823 Baradorn 2H Club "Tall-towers, legendary weapon of Gondor, bearing the craftsmanship of the ancient Dunedain."
1879074824 Cwalufreond 1H Sword "Death Lover, legendary blade of the Rohirrim."
1879074825 Maeroval Crossbow "Soft Wing, swift and silent legendary crossbow of Elf-make."
1879074826 Ongafleam Bow "Arrow Flight, legendary bow of Rohan."
1879074827 Hathel Rusc 1H Sword "The Blade of the Fox, so finely crafted no other can compare."
1879074828 Uigam 2H Axe "Axe of Day and Night, might war axe crafted by Men for the legendary battle of the Gladden Fields."
1879074829 Dinendram 2H Sword "The Noble Sword, elegant blade of ancient Elf-make."
1879074830 Anghathol 1H Mace "Iron Glory, stout mace of Dwarf-make, durable and finely tooled."
1879074831 Acharrod 1H Hammer "Storm Dream, Dwarf-hammer of the Ered Mithrin, the Grey Mountains of the North."
1879074844 Gaelanthir Halberd "Glittering Waterfall, legendary Elf-weapon said to have been crafted in the undying lands across the sea."
1879074845 Rosdol 2H Club "Shining Crown, legendary weapon of Gondor."
1879074846 Golden Wing 1H Mace "Legendary weapon of Dwarf-make, said to have been wielded by ancient kings from under the mountain."
1879074847 Tarlanc 1H Hammer "Strong-Necked, light of heft, yet legendary in its strength."
1879074848 Ithillyn Spear "The Foe Stabber, expertly crafted spear of dark wood, created by Elf-masters of southern Mirkwood."
1879074849 Glamrellang 1H Axe "The Great Axe, forged with expert skill for the Dwarf-lords of ancient Khazad-Dûm."
1879074850 Fanir Bow "The Cloud Lord, ancient bow of Elf-make."
1879074861 Blood of Gondor Halberd "Powerful weapon of legend, crafted by Men of Gondor for the battle of Minas Ithil."
1879074862 Tawarbrog 1H Club "The Wood-bear, legendary weapon of Arnor, crafted for the wars with Angmar long ago."
1879074863 Eversharp 1H Axe "Legendary axe of Anarion, forged by Men of ancient Gondor."
1879074864 Gaelroval Crossbow "Glimmer-wing, legendary great crossbow of Elf-crafting."
1879074865 Longshot Bow "Legendary bow of Hobbit-make, said to be crafted for the last battle of Fornost."
1879074866 Bewutherer 2H Club "Finely crafted club, used with deadly effectiveness by the expert Riders of Rohan to drive darkness from their lands."
1879074867 Agarchelon Spear "The Creature Biter, crafted by the Dwarf-masters to stave off the denizens of the darkest depths of Moria."
1879074878 Amlugruin Staff "The Red Dragon, crafted by Elves of Nargothrond for ancient wars."
1879074879 Iron Spike 2H Hammer "Legendary hammer of Dwarf-make."
1879074880 Angnaud 2H Club "Iron-bound, legendary weapon of the Shire, crafted by skilled Elf-hands in Emyn Beraid to the west."
1879074881 Two-Shield 2H Club "Legendary Hobbit weapon, originally uncovered in the Far Downs beyond the Shire."
1879074882 Tadranc 1H Club "Two-arm, legendary Hobbit weapon crafted by friendly Elf-hands."
1879074883 Orcdrafen 1H Axe "The Goblin-hewer, legendary Dwarf-weapon, also bearing the mark Elf-crafting."
1879074884 Celephir 1H Hammer "Silver Stream, legendary Elf-weapon of Lórien."
1879074885 Geornful Dagger "Eager Knife, legendary dark blade of Dwarf-make, forged beneath Ered Luin in the Elder Days."
1879074886 Keen-eye Crossbow "Legendary crossbow of Hobbit-make."
1879074887 Edaith-athol 2H Hammer "Death Song, might hammer of Dwarf-make, its name alone brings fear to all Goblin-kind."
1879074888 Dulir 2H Axe "The Double-blade, axe of Elf-make forged in the Greenwood long ago."
1879074889 Gothnagnir 1H Mace "Silent Strike, mace of Elf-make, light and finely balanced, yet strong as the hardest steel."
1879074890 Thiliollas Dagger "The Bitter Bite, a dangerous blade of Elf-make beautiful and deadly."
1879074900 Drauglos Halberd "Snow-wolf, legendary weapon of Elf-make, crafted long ago in western lands now lost to the sea."
1879074901 Halcalen Spear "Green Fish, swift Elf-weapon of legend."
1879074902 Baudill 2H Sword "Blade of Judgement, legendary blade forged in ages past by Men of the Last Alliance."
1879074903 Celegbrond 1H Mace "Silver-stone, legendary weapon of Gondor to the east."
1879074904 Pendconin Bow "Bow of the Princes, legendary Elf-bow of Doriath."
1879074905 Landthunor 2H Club "Tree Root, a powerful club of strength and statue crafted in far-off Rohan for the most powerful Horse-lords."
1879074906 Aegeleb Spear "Plains Crossing, spear of renowned, said to have been crafted by Elf-masters from distand lands beyond the western sea."
1879074907 Angwedhris 1H Mace "Head of Spikes, powerful mace of ancient Elf-crafting."
1879074916 Midsummer's Eye Staff "Crafted by Hobbit masters, a simple staff protected by powerful Elf-runes."
1879074917 Ondraedan 2H Hammer "Hammer of Fear, crafted long ago for the War of the Dwarves and Orcs."
1879074918 Greedy Jaw Spear "Known as Ancmelch when it was forged by the Men of Númenórean descent long ago."
1879074919 Ithilenui 2H Club "Two-moons, legendary weapon of the Riddermark, crafted for the battle of the field of Celebrant."
1879074920 Gilmegor 1H Mace "Sharp-star, ancient weapon of Númenórean crafting."
1879074921 Angthelion 1H Hammer "Iron Will, a powerful weapon of Elf-crafting, legendary for its strength."
1879074922 Pendamrum Crossbow "Crossbow of Sunrise, finely-crafted legendary Elf-bow of the Greenwood."
1879074923 Iron Knob 2H Hammer "Elegant yet simple in its design, a powerful weapon of ancient Dwarf-make."
1879074934 Faunhad Halberd "Cloud Cleaver, legendary Elf-weapon of ancient Himling."
1879074935 Garbrand Spear "Spear Torch, legendary spear of the Horsemasters or Rohan to the east."
1879074936 Justice-bringer 1H Mace "Legendary weapon of Dwarf-crafting, finely-tooled by ancient masters."
1879074937 Death-tide 1H Axe "Legendary axe of Dwarf-make, crafted beneath Ered Luin in ages past."
1879074938 Dúlinn 1H Sword "Night Singer, lengendary Elf-blade of the Mirkwood forest."
1879074939 Orfuin Staff "The Whispering Wood, fine staff crafted by Elf-hands in the fair valley of Imladris."
1879074940 Ceberdol 2H Sword "The Fire Blade, forged by both Elf and Dwarf for ancient wars against the rising shadow."
1879074941 Celebranc 1H Sword "The Sword of Stars, blade of Elf-crafting, forged benath the night sky of Lórien."
1879074955 Dancing Smoke Halberd "Swift and accurate spear of legend, crafted by the Rohirrim for Dunlending Wars."
1879074956 Blodbroga 2H Hammer "The Blood Terror, legendary Dwarf-hammer of Khazad-dûm."
1879074957 Dinen Acharn 2H Sword "Silent Vengeance, legendary Dwarf-blade, forged for the Orc-wars beneath the Misty Mountains."
1879074958 Golden Beak 1H Axe "Legendary Dwarf-axe, crafted in years past for battle of Gundabad."
1879074959 Stonecutter 1H Hammer "Stone Cutter, powerful Gondor weapon of legend."
1879074960 Ofstingan Dagger "Stabber, ancient Dwarf blade of Khazad-dûm."
1879074961 Gotheithir 1H Club "Club of Hobbit make, sturdy and strong like its creators."
1879074962 Arvagol 2H Sword "The Warrior's Dream, blade of Numenorean make, heavy yet well-balanced and strong."
1879074963 Langilion 1H Axe "The Iron Axe, of Dwarf-make, deceptively simple in appearance, yet its edge ever-keen."
1879074979 Triumph of Gondor Spear "Majestic spear, crafted by men for the Battle of Ithilien."
1879074980 Silver Swans Staff "Legendary staff of Elf-make, crafted long ago by masters of Dol Amroth."
1879074981 Laergilith 2H Sword "Summer Starlight, legendary Elf-blade of Imladris."
1879074982 Nelladel 1H Club "Bell Song, legendary weapon of Gondor."
1879074983 Spider-sticker Dagger "Lengendary Hobbit-blade of suprising strength."
1879074984 Pendharnen Crossbow "Crossbow of Harnen, legendary crossbow crafted by Men of Gondar's eastern lands."
1879074985 Maenfarnon Bow "Skilled Hunter, legendary bow of the Huntsmen of Gondor."
1879074992 Osp-Ivanneth Spear "Harvest Smoke, legendary Elf-spear of Lórien, crafted of the finest silver and gold."
1879074993 Greenfire Sun Staff "Legendary staff of the Horse-lords of Rohan."
1879074994 Borin's Hammer 2H Hammer "Legendary hammer of Dwarf-make, expertly crafted long ago in the Grey Mountains."
1879074995 Delucerch 2H Axe "The Deadly Sickle, legendary weapon of Cardolan from ages past."
1879074996 Alagos Roval 2H Sword "Storm-wing, magnificent Elf-blade of legend, forged long ago in Lindon for the War of the Last Alliance."
1879074997 Urunaud 2H Club "The Copper Hand, legendary weapon of the Men of Gondor beyond the eastern mountains."
1879074998 Silver Sentinel 1H Axe "Dwarf-axe of legend, forged deep beneath the Misty Mountains from silver most pure."
1879074999 Hathel Aduil 1H Sword "Blade of Twilight, ancient Elf-blade said to ahve been crafted in lands across the western seas."
1879075000 Fyndsecan 1H Hammer "Enemy Seeker, crafted in ages past by Dwarf-masters."
1879075001 Fornleoth Bow "Forn's Song, legendary Dwarf-bow from beyond the Misty Mountains."
1879075011 Mornarthan Halberd "Black Beacon, legendary weapon of dark craftsmanship, forged in the shadows of Angmar."
1879075012 Derngold Spear "Secret Gold, legendary spear of Elf-make, finely gilded and protected by powerful runes."
1879075013 Heart of Gondor Staff "Legendary staff, crafted in Dor-en-ernil by Men of Gondor."
1879075014 Tandaen 2H Axe "The Corpse Maker, legendary axe forged by Elves of the dark Mirkwood forest."
1879075015 Angpinnath 1H Mace "Iron-ridges, legendary weapon crafted by Men of Arnor for ancient wars with the Witch-king."
1879075016 Maeg Elenath 1H Sword "Sword of the Stars, legendary Elf-blade crafted for the First Age wars of Beleriand."
1879075017 Arrow Storm Bow "Legendary bow of Hobbit-crafting."
1879075018 Miroval Spear "Piercing Silver, fine spear of ancient Elf-make."
1879075019 Thandrist 2H Hammer "Gleaming Brilliance, crafted by the master smiths of Khazad-dûm, inlaid with the purest of silver."
1879075020 Taror 1H Sword "The Silver Arm, finely crafted Elf-blade forged in fair Lórien."
1879075021 Hendaeg Crossbow "The Eye Piercer, deadly accurate as it is beautifully crafted by skilled Elf-hands."
1879075039 Death-drum 2H Hammer "Feared Dwarf-hammer of ancient legend."
1879075040 Hathel Aglar 2H Sword "Blade of Glory, legendary weapon of ancient Elf-kings."
1879075041 Rosthand 2H Club "Shining Shield, legendary weapon of Gondor, crafted for the battle of Minas Ithil in years past."
1879075042 Henebnel 1H Club "The Three-eyed, legendary weapon of Hobbit-crafting."
1879075043 Head-cleaver 1H Axe "Powerful Dwarf-axe, legendary for its sharpness and strength throughout the ages."
1879075044 Authnaur 1H Axe "Battle-fire, legendary axe of Arnor."
1879075045 Tanmeldis 1H Sword "Shield Friend, legendary Elven-blade used with great cunning in ancient Gondolin."
1879075046 Feldrang 1H Hammer "Field Warrior, legendary Rohan hammer."
1879075047 Magnagol Dagger "Sharp Tooth, legendary dagger of ancient Gondolin."
1879075048 Rodorgar Crossbow "Sky Spear, legendary Dwarf-made crossbow of the Grey Mountains."
1879075049 Pendtheryn Bow "Bow of Eagles, legendary Elf-bow."
1879075050 Roaring Wind 2H Club "Menacing club crafted by Men far to the north, so named by the Hobbits due to its enormous size in halfling hands."
1879075051 Athradlad 1H Club "The Earth Thunder, powerful club crafted by the Horse-masters of Rohan to deliver deadly blows from horseback."
1879075052 Aechathel Spear "The Flying Cloud, finely balanced Elf-spear, expertly crafted for throwing or piercing."
1879075053 Narhathel 2H Sword "The Two-hand, formidable sword forged long-ago by Elf-masters of Mithlond."
1879075054 Thalcham Dagger "The Steady Hand, perfectly balanced blade of ancient Elven crafting."
1879075066 Thongochel Spear "Ice Pine, crafted long by Elf-masters in Northern lands now icy and forgotten."
1879075067 Naurathrad Staff "Fire of the Crossroads, legendary staff of Elf make, crafted in ancient Beleriand."
1879075068 Glaehun 2H Sword "Legendary green-blade of ancient Elf-make."
1879075069 Angrif 1H Club "Iron-wood, legendary weapon crafted by Men for the wars with Angmar long ago."
1879075070 Egnas-dúath Dagger "Point of Dark Shadow, legendary Elf-blade forged long ago in the halls of Doriath."
1879075071 Fysanfrom Crossbow "Swift-shot, legendary Dwarf-bow of the Iron Hills."
1879075072 Angnel Dagger "The Iron tooth, swift and strong blade of Elf-make."
1879075073 Naraphadon Bow "The Sun Follower, finely crafted Elf-bow made for the Goblin Wars long ago."
1879075086 Celebras Staff "Silver Horn, legendary staff of Elf-make."
1879075087 Isenmuth 2H Hammer "The Iron Mouth of Ered Engrin, legendary Dwarf-weapon of the northern mountains."
1879075088 Celegurth 2H Axe "Swift Death, legendary axe of Arthedain."
1879075089 Caldlathian 1H Sword "Cold Invitation, legendary blade of Gondor."
1879075090 Rodgor Dagger "The Fire Wolf, legendary blade of Gondor."
1879075091 Galadruin Halberd "River of Blood, a weapon of renown, having slain many dark foes on the Field of Dagorlad long ago."
1879075092 Lintaith Halberd "The Piercing Blade, long and deadly polearm cherished by the brave horsemen of Rohan."
1879075093 Faeldam Staff "The Glittering Wand, simple yet formidable weapon crafted by Men of Ithilien, from forested lands far to the south and east."
1879075094 Hadorol 2H Axe "The Shield Cutter, powerful axe forged by Men of Arnor in ages long past."
1879075095 Hithris 1H Axe "The Enemy's Bane, finely crafted axe of ancient Elf-make."
1879075109 Durin's Crescent 2H Axe "Legendary axe of Dwarf-make, crafted long ago beneath Ered Luin."
1879075110 Maethseron 2H Club "Battle-friend, legendary weapon of the Riders of Rohan."
1879075111 Silver-spine 1H Mace "Legendary weapon, crafted of the finest metals from deep beneath the Misty Mountains."
1879075112 Paurgraw 1H Club "Dark-fist, legendary weapon of the West Farthing."
1879075113 Calengrond 1H Club "Green-club, legendary weapon of ancient Gondor."
1879075114 Hathelnor 1H Sword "Blade of Flame, crafted by Elf-masters at the close of the First Age."
1879075115 Lyftridan Bow "Cloud Rider, legendary bow of Rohan."
1879075116 Flowering Stone 2H Club "Solid club of Hobbit crafting, created with care for the northern battles long ago."
1879075117 Toror 1H Sword "Bright Light, sword of purest crafting, forged in legendary Elf-lands lost to the western seas."
1879075118 Tarorod 1H Hammer "The Great Hammer, forged long ago for Dwarf-kings of the far North."
1879075119 Tawarnel Bow "The Wooden Teeth, deadly bow of Elf-craft, bearing the distinctive mark of the weapon-masters of Lórien."
1879075128 Nelegnassath Halberd "Three Points, legendary weapon of shadowed Angmar."
1879075129 Nobber 2H Club "Legendary weapon of the Shire, brought west from the Vales of Anduin in ages past."
1879075130 Anvil-song 1H Hammer "Legendary Hobbit-hammer of Harfoot crafting."
1879075131 Hwindolf Halberd "The Swift Spear, light and finely crafted polearm, created by Elf-masters of Northern Lórien."
1879075132 Gurthlinn Staff "The Whirling Wand, hardened staff crafted by ancient Elf-masters from the dark wood of Fangorn."
1879075133 Drindaer 1H Sword "Echoing Blade, forged by Elf-masters in the lands beneath the Redhorn Pass."
1879075145 Midsummer Fire Halberd "Legendary weapon of the Riddermark, crafted by Men of Rohan."
1879075146 Carangil 2H Sword "Red Flash, legendary blade of Eredion, forged by Elf-masters before the wars with Sauron in ages past."
1879075147 Orge Fist 1H Mace "Legendary weapon of the north, named for the powerful creatures of nightmare."
1879075148 Angrust 1H Club "Legendary weapon of iron and copper, forged in secrecy in the dark mountains of Angmar."
1879075149 Ravenwatch 1H Hammer "Legendary Dwarf-weapon of Erebor."
1879075150 Nimdil Dagger "White Point, legendary blade of Westernesse."
1879075151 Oakwing Crossbow "Legendary crossbow, finely-tooled by Hobbit hands."
1879075152 Belegbor 2H Hammer "The Clenched Fist, powerful hammer imbued with the strength of the master Dwarves of the Iron Hills."
1879075153 Rillolf Halberd "Precious Wing, finely balanced by Elf-masters to strike with the precision and strength of teh might eagles."
1879075154 Naegu Crossbow "The Bow of Pain, crafted in dark forests of ancient Beleriand, a crossbow of great strength and beauty."
1879075155 Cunogoth Bow "Dwarf-bow, bearing the distinctive marks of the Weaponsmiths of the Iron Hills."
1879075168 Lornluin Spear "Quiet Water, an elegand weapon of fine Elf-make, deadly in its precision."
1879075169 Golden Hawk 2H Hammer "Legendary hammer of the Ered Nimrais, finely crafted and expertly balanced."
1879075170 Lancuil 2H Axe "Legendary Axe of the Firien Wood, its name meaning Sudden End of Life in the ancrient Elvish language."
1879075171 Gilruin 2H Sword "Bright fire, legendary weapon forged for the Goblin wars by ancient Elves of the north."
1879075172 Dragonclaw 1H Axe "Legendary axe of Ered Mithrin, forged by Dwarves of the North."
1879075173 Ground-pounder 1H Hammer "Legendary Hobbit-weapon, swift and powerful."
1879075174 Trusted Friend Dagger "Legendary hobbit-knife said to be of Took-crafting, deadly and swift despite its friendly name."
1879075175 Angcam Dagger "The Iron Hand, legendary blade of Númenoran forging."
1879075176 Tater-masher 2H Club "Strong and powerful, finely-crafted club of the Harfoot Hobbits of the South Farthing."
1879075177 Naethulun 1H Club "The Flowering Stone, stout club crafted in the South Farthing of the Shire by Hobbit master-craftsmen."
1879075178 Lhostawar Halberd "The Sparkling Spike, strong polearm of the legendary Horsemen of Rohan."
1879075179 Anglor 1H Mace "The Morning Star, crafted by Elf-hands in lands when the stars first rise far to the East."
1879075180 Alagossol 1H Hammer "The Mighty Mountain, stout and strong weapon of Ancient Dwarf-crafting."
1879075194 Iron Leaf Spear "Legendary spear of Elf-make."
1879075195 Hearthfire Staff "Legendary staff of Hobbit-make, crafted in mysterious Mirkwood before the settling of the Shire."
1879075196 Rock-crusher 2H Hammer "Powerful Dwarf-hammer of legend, crafted of the finest silver and engraved with runes of power."
1879075197 Grave-filler 2H Axe "Legendary axe crafted by Dwarf-masters of the Iron Hills."
1879075198 Sereglas 1H Mace "Blood-mirth, legendary weapon of the Horsemasters of Rohan."
1879075199 Irenblaed 1H Sword "Gleaming Sword, legendary blade crafted by Men of Rohan."
1879075200 Rimphon 1H Club "The Roaring Wind, powerful club of age-old Fallowhide Hobbit-make."
1879075201 Elor 2H Sword "Night Song, forged beneath the stars in Rivendell by skilled Elf-masters."
1879075202 Faingalad 1H Axe "The Fog Cutter, axe of the Dwarf weapon-masters of the northernmost reaches of the Misty Mountains."
1879075210 Golden Wings Halberd "Elf-spear of Lórien, finely crafted by Elf-masters and protected by powerful runes."
1879075211 Rune-hammer 2H Hammer "Ancient weapon of Dwarf-make, finely crafted and protected with powerful runes."
1879075212 Steel Death 1H Mace "Legendary weapon of Dwarf-make, powerful of stroke and stronger than any metal known."
1879075213 Eascryn 1H Sword "Shining River, ancient blade of Westernesse, reforged in Osgiliath."
1879075214 Tanglind Bow "Bow Song, legendary Elf-bow of Forest of Brethil."
1879075215 Malthenbar 2H Hammer "The Golden Fist, Dwarf-made hammer of shimmering luminescence."
1879075216 Anglas Dagger "The Iron Leaf, finely crafted Elf-blade of the dark forests of Mirkwood."
1879075227 Death's Edge 2H Axe "Legendary Dwarf-axe of the Blackroot Vale, renowned for its keen blade of the finest silver."
1879075228 Glas Rhîw 2H Sword "Winter's Joy, legendary Elf-blade of far northern Beleriand."
1879075229 Mallenhend 2H Club "The Golden Eye, legendary weapon of the Horsemasters of Rohan."
1879075230 Iron Head 1H Mace "Legendary weapon once wielded by ancient Stewards of Gondor."
1879075231 Aglarnaur 1H Club "Glory of the Sun, legendary weapon of the Rohirrim ancestors."
1879075232 Byrgenfreond 1H Hammer "Grave Friend, legendary weapon of Dwarf-make."
1879075233 Daerhathol 1H Axe "Chain Cutter, axe of ancient Elf-make, forged to sever the bonds of those imprisoned by the Darkness in ages past."
1879075234 Saernag 1H Hammer "Metal Vengeance, finely crafted hammer of ancient Dwarf-make."
1879075235 Angtheryn Crossbow "The Iron Eagles, finely crafted weapon of Elf-make."
1879075248 Glosloth Halberd "Snow Flower, dazzling Elf-weapon of legend."
1879075249 Alcarin's Glory Spear "Legendary spear of Gondor, Crafted long ago in honour of ancient Númenórean kings."
1879075250 Rovalthilion Staff "Silver Wing, Elf-staff of Himling the ever-cold lands."
1879075251 Tinnuith 2H Sword "Twilight Mist, dark blade of legend, forged by Men of Westernesse long ago."
1879075252 Perithil 1H Axe "The Half-moon, legendary weapon of Westernesse."
1879075230 Feondgrim Crossbow "Enemy Biter, legendary swift crossbow of ancient Rohan horsemen."
1879075254 Rhossolf Halberd "Bright Red Flame, formidable polearm crafted by the Horse-masters of Rohan."
1879075255 Serondirith Bow "The Guardian Friend, Elf-bow of uncompromising beauty and accuracy."
1879075266 Lachluin Staff "The Leaping Blue Flame, powerful Elf-staff of legend."
1879075267 Gabilbaraz 2H Hammer "Red Storm, legendary Dwarf-hammer said to strike with the force of thunder and lightning."
1879075268 Diamond Claw 2H Axe "Axe of the Aglarond, legendary Dwarf-weapon of the Glittering Caves."
1879075269 Fog-cutter 2H Axe "Legendary weapon, crafted by the Men of the Westfold Vale."
1879075270 Took's Crown 1H Club "Legendary weapon of the Shire, thought to exist only in the tales of Hobbit children."
1879075271 Restless 1H Axe "Legendary axe of the iron hills, swift or stroke and strong as stone."
1879075272 Gilmenel 1H Sword "Star of the Heavens, legendary blade of Lórien."
1879075273 Mîr Morwen Dagger "The Jewel of Morwen, legendary Elf dagger also known as the Dagger of Steel-sheen."
18790752374 Ferediron Crossbow "Great Hunter, legendary crossbow of the Elves, forged for the Goblin Wars long ago."
1879075275 Pendaewen Bow "Bow of Birds, legendary bow of Elf-make."
1879075276 Limdil Halberd "The Moon Hound, halberd of Elf-make, its inlaid handle crafted from the dark wood of Fangorn."