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The Lollipop Guild
World: Dwarrowdelf
Vocation: Explorer
Class: Minstrel
Race: Man
Region: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'0"
Sex: Male
Skin: White
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown


Notes on Physiology: Skinny, yet resilient. He has a very loud voice and incredibly fast hand reflexes. Notes on Personality: HIGHLY sarcastic,enjoys tempting death constantly,and generally has a "happy-go-lucky" outlook. When we encountered him in the Giant Valley, he was eagerly attacking Drakes and Giants without remorse. He is a dangerous sociopath and VERY, VERY, VERY, insane; Yet seems to have a knack for hunting the undead and surviving impossible situations.

The Life of Jharvis

He said to us during the interview,"I was dropped off at an orphanage in Bree (An orphanage we have yet to find record of), where i was raised and abused. I escaped when I was just a young lad, and was raised by the strays and vagabonds of Beggar's Alley. The rest...IS HISTORY!!!!" We're unsure what he was referring to when he mentioned history, but who knows what is in the mind of such a deeply disturbed lunatic. He also claimed to be 230 years old and know how to play,"The greatest and best song in the world. Ever."

Friends and Enemies


The Lollipop Guild MET That guy named Steve


Dead people Edible Clothing Magic Beans


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