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The Amy of Fruend
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Explorer
Class: Hunter
Race: Dwarf
Region: White Mountains
Age: 130
Height: 4 ft. 2 in.
Sex: Male
Skin: Light
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Blue-Green


Physical Description: Iblabsur is average height and weight for dwarves. Like most dwarves, he is rather short and stocky.

Personality Description: Iblabsur is adventurous and loves food. He does not like taking unnecessary risks. He enjoys drinking and eating pie. He respects his father, Grethall, and his adopted sons, Worclo and Dinithor. In rain or shine, Iblabsur likes to take the time to fish.


Iblabsur was born in the White Mountains, and journeyed to the Blue Mountains when he reached the age of 75. Many years later, he journeyed to the Shire and joined the Bounders. He decided to explore and chose the vocation of Explorer in Bree after a short trip to Evendim. When the time came for him to get a house, Iblabsur chose to buy a Bree homestead, shortly after he took the surname Goldenaxe. During he Farmers Faire, he joined the Inn League after he bought his first horse, which he named Wheat. After adventuring in the Troll Shaws, a friendly hunter offered to take Iblabsur to Rivendell. After a long stint there, Iblabsur grew bored and longed for adventure and left for Giant Valley. Soon after, Iblabsur went back to Michel Delving in the Shire. During the Fall Festival, Iblabsur went to the Blue Mountains to join the Ale Association. When that quest took him to Bree-town, Iblabsur completed his initiation and became a member of two rival leagues. He then went to the Bree Festival Grounds and won a pie-eating contest. When the Yule Festival arrived, Iblabsur took great joy in throwing rotten fruit and petals at actors in the play 'The Curious Disappearance of Mad Baggins', in which Iblabsur eventually acted as Gandalf after watching many shows. Later, Iblabsur decided to assist the rich for gain and glory, and became known as Iblabsur Goldenaxe, Miser.

Friends and Enemies


A hobbit named Vesilas


  • Dourhands, Blackwolds, Skorgirm and Sauron.


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