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I have started playing LotRO again earlier this year and decided to start helping its wiki as well, in special with coding, images and styling/organizing, which are my favorite things to do, though I might do some random edits around if it is something that interests me :P While I may not be the most knowledgeable person around here in parser functions, if you have any questions or issues related to it, css or images, feel free to ask me ;)

I'm finally back after all this time, though I'll probably just be poking around for some time before I get back to doing as much as before. And in case anyone is wondering where I've been all this time: I had been busy helping my husband at the end/beginning of the year with his work, he's a freelancer and he usually has more work this time of the year, and he had more than usual this time. He works with 3d, so sometimes I help him with the textures/images after renderization/etc. And as well as some random stuff that happened, also ended up spending a lot of time starting a garden (may be simple to take care of one, but all the things to look and research while starting it takes a lot of time, specially researching :P But now it isn't taking much time anymore, and hoping to taste some strawberries soon :D). After all that I finally took some time to reinstall lotro, along with the new textures (that I believe they added recently), but I didn't even play much. We had some unexpected health problems and adverse reactions to meds one after the other that led us to spend the last few weeks tired and going to the doctor a lot (nothing serious though :)). Was still getting some tests done this week, but hopefully everything will get back to normal now.

Sorry about disappearing like that, I've been wanting to at least come here to say why I disappeared but then always had something more to say and I kept leaving it for later and later and ... you see :P And in the end I made up a pretty resumed version...

But the good news is that I'll soon be back to the usual editing :)

Stuff I'm working/will work on and useful links

  • Game-themed skin for the wiki (Discussion I II)