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Roxxi Manor
World: Arkenstone
Vocation: Tinkerer
Class: Burglar
Race: Hobbit
Age: 58
Height: 3'7"
Sex: Male
Skin: Fair
Hair: Red
Eye: Brown

Gear Planning

Level 85

Slot Item
Head Medium Helm 11 (incomparable)-icon.png Enduring Wildermore Helm of Balance
Shoulder Medium Shoulders 16 (incomparable)-icon.png Enduring Wildermore Shoulderguards of Balance
Back Shield 39 (epic)-icon.png Shield of the Hammerhand
Chest Medium Armour 44 (incomparable)-icon.png Skillful Combat Armour of Éomer
Gloves Medium Gloves 18 (incomparable)-icon.png Enduring Wildermore Gauntlets of Balance
Legs Medium Leggings 12 (incomparable)-icon.png Enduring Wildermore Leggings of Balance
Feet Medium Boots 11 (incomparable)-icon.png Enduring Wildermore Boots of Balance
Left Earring Earring 15 (incomparable 1)-icon.png Weightless Earring of the High Elves
Right Earring Earring 11 (incomparable)-icon.png Exquisite Wildermore Earring of Agility
Necklace Necklace 20 (incomparable)-icon.png Exquisite Wildermore Necklace of Agility
Left Bracelet BB Jewellery
Right Bracelet BB Jewellery
Left Ring Ring 86 (incomparable)-icon.png Agile Ring of Éomer
Right Ring Ring 86 (incomparable)-icon.png Agile Ring of Éomer
Pocket Pocket 39 (incomparable)-icon.png Precise Scroll of Éomer
Weapon Dagger of the Second Age 1-icon.png Burglar's Dagger of the Second Age
Off-hand Dagger 10 (incomparable)-icon.png Polished Wildermore Dagger of Stamina
Class Item LI
Ranged Strength Signal-icon.png Eastemnet Strength Signal
Tools Tools of the Tinker (incomparable)-icon.png Superior Tools of the Eastemnet Tinker
Bridle Item:Reforged Medium Bridle of the Second Age