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Fire Fears Wax
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Explorer (Tailor, Forester, Prospector)
Class: Hunter
Race: Elf
Age: 419
Height: 5'6"
Sex: Female
Skin: fair
Hair: chestnut
Eye: green


Physical Description:

Personality Description:

Anavariel is passionate, courageous, and determined. She takes great pride in her skill as an archer and as a grandmaster forester. She has dedicated herself to the cause of the Free Peoples in Middle Earth, hoping in part that this will bring a sense of peace and rest to her wary heart.


Anavariel Úlârie was born to Elendil Luvíyé and Eldriel Morningstar. Her father Elendil was a master metalsmith in charge of stocking King Thranduil's armoury for many years, before he met her mother Eldriel of Rivendell, a famous bard and part-time explorer, at Sheelala (an Elvish celebration known as the Spring Festivity in the Common tongue).

Anavariel spent the majority of her childhood gaining skills related to the vocations of both her father and mother, and later exploring Mirkwood and other forests, learning the ways of the Hunter. It was this that enabled and inspired her to become an adventurer and a protector of the Free Peoples.

Her greatest goal is to eliminate the threat of evil in Middle Earth.

Friends and Enemies


Coquelicot, Noveah, Frothy, Sobeit, Ilstraunis


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