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When I played WoW, I helped create a site for our Server (Sentinels), Guild Progression page, etc...

Since I've been playing LOTRO, I "tried" to contribute to the Lorebook but kept running into problems with no resolution available from any admins nor the like so I figured I'd move my contributions over to this wiki where I can more readily present the information that I'm building about this game. I really enjoy LOTRO and like designing and building applications so...

Tools I use here: User:Eleazaros/Tools
Sandbox of work in progress tests: User:Eleazaros/Sandbox (my playground)
Languages Reference User:Eleazaros/Language References
Junk Test Page: User:Eleazaros/Test -- currently holds some graphics samples I've been working with...
monobook.css: User:Eleazaros/monobook.css
monobook.js: User:Eleazaros/monobook.js

Working Skins

See User:Eleazaros\Skins

for a list of the skins and how to use these.

Titles work

On hold -- too much other stuff to do right now.

I'm going to reformat the Title area of the site to match up with what I did on the lorebook. There are 369 409 titles in the game so I'll need to figure out how to do this cleanly but I do NOT want to clone what I did there fully. It'll be "bigger, better... we have the technology!"

-- Started the project. Fun side is that I'll be fleshing out each title in such a way that ALL the required information, from other pages, will be created/fleshed out, to support full functionality behind this area. Ahh... the joys of filling in missing info... *snicker*

Current Projects

Monster Play information -- mostly creep side.