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World: Meneldor
Vocation: Historian
Class: Minstrel
Race: Hobbit
Region: The Shire, Fallohides
Age: 17
Height: 3' 9"
Sex: Male
Skin: Pinkish
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Dark Bluish Brown


Physical Description: To lots of people, rather short. But Daaku is actually rather tall for a Hobbit. He's also rather on the chubby side, barefoot, and has a small kite shield, and usually wears a hooded cloak.

Personality Description: Helpful, stupid, and often times crazy (in the funny ways). He doesn't like being serious. He perfers adding comedy into things. Right out of the blue he sometime says something outrageous to get some laughs.


This is the bio that's on my character in the game:

Daaku left the Shire to explore all of Middle Earth and to help those in need. During his exploration, he met up with Stomric, who started a kinship known as the Inquisitors. Daaku became Stomric's father, and another officer from the kinship, Zalgorn, adopted Daaku as his son. They all share the last name: Amarth.

Friends and Enemies


  • Stomric, Phantas, Zalgorn, DanHalen, Trillion, Duvinn, Merv, Awake, Breath, Selena, and many other people in the Kinship.


  • Everything in The Great Barrow, Ostrongroth.