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I've been playing LotRO for roughly two and a half years on the Vilya server. Despite this, my highest character is a level 77 Captain (Calhalam). Proud member of The Dawnbreakers!

I seem to be the guy most involved in making pages related to the Helm's Deep Reward Jewellery, but don't let that stop you from helping out! Copying a page's code that's similar to the one you're trying to make will save you tons of time.

As far as editing goes, I focus mostly on adding new content and updating the format of existing content. Working on Helm's Deep Jewellery at the moment, lots of new stuff to get added in there still. I'm really bad at making articles look good (this page is a prime example), but I'm working on that. Update Feb. 27, finally got all the set pages created! They look decent for now, but getting all the items added in so that the icons show up will make them look much better. Probably going to take a while to do, though.

Feel free to contact me through either my talk page or email.