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Jobira Fallohide
World: Belegaer
Vocation: Yeoman
Class: Hunter
Race: Hobbit
Region: Fallohide
Age: 37
Height: short
Sex: Female
Skin: light
Hair: red
Eye: blue


Physical Description: she is quiet little, but she is very strong of a Hobbit. Personality Description: Jobira is a very brave hobbit. she is happy and likes to laugh and dance. she is quiet smart, and got a little knowledge in the lands of Middel-Earth. she is an great farmer and has no bad thoughts to the bigger races.


Jobira was found without any family by the dwarf, Bogur Bronzefoot. he took care of her in a little time, until she was 17. Then he gave her a little gold and sent her to the Shire. Jobira spend some of the gold, on a bow and some arrows, she buy,d a house, and began training as a hunter. she lived a long time there. but one day, a great adventure began.

Friends and Enemies


  • Bogur Bronzefoot. and others


  • forces of evil


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