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The Hitter
World: All
Vocation: Hitting
Class: Hitter
Race: Mexican
Region: All
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Skin: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eye: Unknown


Physical Description: He's the goddamn Hitter

Personality Description: The Hitter is obsessed with justice, and will hit anyone and anything to preserve justice for the sake of justice in the name of justice, amen.


When the hitter was a small child, all of his sheep were hit to death. He vowed to turn his greatest fear, hitting, to bring fear to those who prey on the fearful. And punch sheep. The Hitter uses his Gantlets of Hitting to bring justice to those who seek to harm the world. Also, he hates Elves. He's kinda racist.

Friends and Enemies




Injustice, The Sheep Lord, any and all Elves


He's real good at hitting stuff