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The Far Raiders
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Explorer
Class: Captain
Race: Man
Region: Gondor
Age: 31
Height: 7' 1"
Sex: Male
Skin: Dark Tan
Hair: Black
Eye: N/A


Physical Description: Dronin is tall for a man, standing at just over 7 feet tall. He is heavily built and skilled with many forms of two handed weapons, his favourite weapons being an axe or a halberd. Personality Description: He is very stubborn, but wise and a born leader.


Dronin grew up in Osgiliath, constantly watching his father go off to war and to defend the city, from the onslaughts of Mordor. And then one day, his father did not return, and his mother wept for many days. But Dronin comforted her, and held back his own tears, until he was alone. When he came of age, he immediately enlisted in the guard, and sought to avenge his father. After three years of defending his home, he was promoted to Captain, and was sent out with a band of men numbering in the hundreds, to try and win back Minas Morgul. As they fought their way into the city, Dronin heard many cries coming from one of the houses. He rushed in there, and found many prisoners. Most of whom he recognized as soldiers from when his father was in the guard. And as he gazed at all the men, he noticed his father among them. He rushed to him, and with a swift stoke of his axe, cut free his father's bonds. But his father replied quickly with, "No! Son, it is a trap! Quickly get out befo-". A shadow came over the door, and all the light was blocked. Dronin whipped around to see a Gorthorog blocking the exit. The troll swung his hammer into one of the walls, smashing it and sending debris through out the room. Dronin stepped back, shielding his face with his axe blade. And then, with the grace of an Elf, and the strength of a tidal wave, he swung his axe into the side of the Gorthorog's head, felling him with a single blow. The troll crashed to the ground, cracking it and shaking the earth nearby. The Captain turned back to the prisoners, and they cheered for the Slayer of the Jail-Keeper (as he was known by most after that). He freed the rest of the prisoners and together they left the building and came out to the street. There they saw that the guard had been pushed back by the foul army, and a Nazgul also was amidst the fight. With a mighty battle cry, Dronin rushed at the Orcs, hewing everyone who came in front of his mighty axe. More than three hundred Orcs he slew that day. And as he approached the Nazgul, the fallen-king saw him coming, and let out a shrieking cry, but Dronin did not falter as he slew through the Orcs. He soon reached the Nazgul, and together they dueled. Dronin's heart raged at the imprisonment of his father, and this gave him strength, strength enough to gain the upper hand in the fight. But then, when the Nazgul realized he was nearing defeat, he evaded one of Dronin's swings, and immediately charged toward his father. Before he saw him coming, the Nazgul decapitated him. Dronin's heart stopped at this sight. He did not gain strength from this, but instead burst into tears, and wept. Pleased with his kill, the Black Rider walked back to the weeping Captain, and cut his face with the tip of his blade. "I see you have learned not to challenge the might of the Nine now," the Nazgul said. "But alas, I have no mercy for my foes, so I shall strike you down with one fell swoop," As he rose his blade, a bright light shawn in the West, and the Nazgul screeched and hid his face. Dronin turned to see Mithrandir, riding in on horse, his staff held high, a white light emanating from it. Dronin stood and gathered his axe, hoping to slay the Nazgul while he was distracted, but he had fled, and was nowhere to be seen. And so Dronin called for his horse, Agaroch, and ordered the retreat from the city. His men rode back with Mithrandir, thankful for his protection. When they had returned to Osgiliath, Dronin thanked the Wizard many times and asked if there was anything that he could do to repay him. "I am in need of someone to come with me to Eriador, to the North. For it is plagued by Angmar, and there is someone there who needs great protection, and I think you would be of much help to the people of those lands,". And so he set out the next month with Mithrandir for the North, and after arriving their, joined a band of warriors there, Known as The Far Raiders. And so he spent his time helping the people and warding off the evil of Carn Dum. And to this day, he is still there, helping cleanse the land of evil.

Friends and Enemies


The Far Raiders


The Nine


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