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Tuchya Goodenough
Tuchya wiki.jpg
Shire Farm
World: Brandywine
Vocation: Historian
Class: Minstrel
Race: Hobbit
Region: The Shire
Age: Of Wisdom
Height: Perfect
Sex: Female
Skin: Tan
Hair: In a bun
Eye: Relaxed


Venerable Grandmother. Mother of Areyekuwe Goodenough, current chief of the clan.

Goodenough Clan

About Goodenough Clan:
Goodenough family is not as well known and over time has avoided the spotlight.
Most active members currently are:
Tuchya Goodenough
Areyekuwe Goodenough
Hanmi Goodenough
Rassvet Goodenough
Calbi Goodenough
Slavyanka Goodenough