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Goodenough Family
Several, all Shire Based
World: Brandywine
Vocation: Includes all
Class: Several
Race: Hobbit
Region: The Shire
Age: All over the map
Height: On a Hobbit's tall side
Sex: ***
Skin: ***
Hair: ***
Eye: ***


Page about Shire's venerable family of Goodenough. Often referred to as "Goodenough Clan".


  • Goodenough of Green Hill Country them were starting out in the Shire as original Pipe-Weed cultivators, long before smoking became well adopted. Most well known and remembered member of that family became Ivy Goodenough who was wife of original patriarch of Boffin family, Buffo Boffin.

Goodenough Clan

Goodenough family is not as well known and over time has avoided the spotlight.
Most active members currently are:
Tuchya Goodenough
Areyekuwe Goodenough
Hanmi Goodenough
Rassvet Goodenough
Calbi Goodenough
Slavyanka Goodenough


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