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Dragon Riders
World: Dwarrowdelf
Vocation: Historian
Class: Lore-Master
Race: Man
Region: Eriador
Height: 6'8
Sex: Male
Hair: Black/White (Alternating)
Eye: Pale Grey


Physical Description:

Personality Description:


Ahiram started as an abandoned child first born in the Second Age, somewhere between Erebor and what is known today as Mirkwood. As a child, it was clear he was a tamer of nature, being able to commune with plants in order to obtain sustainance. Raising himself up in Greenwood, he was especially skilled in herb-lore, and there his home was for many a year. He spent his first life travelling North (for reasons to be mentioned at another time) until he finally reached the Withered Heath, where upon his travels a dragon was sighted on its way to Erebor, where Ahiram once lived. His herb-lore was of little use there, and the dragons that occupied the region were masters of fire. There he endured the harsh cold, hair and eyes almost as white as snow, until eventually dying at the intense flames of the dragons. Not knowing a single friend or seeing any other sentient being, Nienna gave his soul another chance, shedding a tear for him, and gave him new life nearing the end of the Third Age year 2952.

He was born out of the snow where he died, at the Withered Heath. However, a lesser eagle by the name of Colopatiron lifted him up and brought him to Rivendell. There, he was mentored in the ways of the Lore-Master by one of the servants of Lord Elrond. It was apparent, however, that it was not enough. As he grew older, the Valar Nienna slowly infused within his mind the memories of the life before, and began to grow in him a need to seek out whatever he may have forgotten.

It was apparent that the servant was unable to teach him everything he wished to learn, so under the approval of Elrond, he set out at TA 2985 to master his skills. He traveled to the North Downs first, where he stayed a while at the Ranger settlement of Esteldin. There, he became akin with them, but soon left to continue his search for knowledge.

At around TA 3008, Ahiram arrived in Archet, where men and hobbits alike where roaming around Chetwood. There, he became acquainted with Zadeldit, a captain who had recently been promoted. It is during this time that he realized the sudden 'flashes' of images of his former self appear out of nowhere, taking its appearance instead of the one of his new body. He was still skilled in herb-lore, but as his journey to self-realization continued, the flashes happened more frequently, and lasted longer. However, it was during this time that he soon discovered that whenever he was to use his lore while in the appearance of his old self, it would come out as flame, not the herbs or plants with which he was all to familiar with. It is unknown how this occurred, but it may be because of his fiery death during the fight with the dragons during his first life.

It was during the raid on Archet, in the raging infernos forged by the Blackwolds and Cargûl, that he was able to learn how to control both forms of himself, and turned the visual appearance to being purely cosmetic. It is also during this time that he swore an oath to help defend Middle-Earth from the forces of darkness. He (as of now) is under the visage of an ordinary ranger under the form of his younger body. Only during times of great challenge or in dire need will he ever change to the form of his old body, but for now, that time has not come yet.

Friends and Enemies


Zadeldit Aeglogas Lanelas Khatovar


Cargûl All of Orc-kind servants of the Dark Lord The Drakes of the Withered Heath

Other Notes

A great supporter of The Black Company, a new kinship based off of the last of the Free Companies of Khatovar.


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