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World: Elendilmir
Class: Hunter
Race: Man
Age: 17
Height: 186cm
Sex: Male
Skin: Tan
Hair: Brown/Black
Eye: Green


Physical Description: Spyr, the Man Hunter is a very lanky warrior. He is not so much a warrior, but simply a man with a bow. He is such a little threat, that he can walk through the lone-lands, and be untouched by things such as Wights.

Personality Description: While Spyr has the power to seduce any person he wishes too. He has the problem of a slighty bent.. Arrow. While this may be, this doesn't stop him from obliterating anything he wants. Spyr has the sometimes urge to go on a killing spree brought upon by his unfortunate childhood of being raised by Lady Helen and Sir Scott. What some may not know about Spyr is that he has a sibling, BRADDDD, and is inclined to not tell many about this due to the fact that he is... an elf.


Born in the lands of Elendilmir to Scott and Helen, Spyr has a special ability of sculling large amounts of alcohol with out feeling the effects of it and being an amazing lover. Spyr has journeyed far and wide to find the lover of his dream but has yet to find them.

...Are you him?

Friends and Enemies


  • Mathayas
  • Hermen
  • Theoysas


  • Joel


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